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Company Culture

1. The Enterprise culture construction:
 The competition of the 21st century is a competition of cultures. To establish a corporate unique culture is the fundamental guarantee of an enterprise’s success. From the beginning of its found, GoodSource lay great emphasis on the building of enterprise culture, and strive to foster the cultural connotation of the unique personality of the workers. Its unique working style and culture environment attract an innovation management and highly qualified professional team, scientific decision-making, standardized operation ensure the company's  efficient operation and rapid development. The Group has established a sound education and training system to offer  education and training for staffs’ ability development and management operations. The company has a library, education center, basketball courts, badminton courts and recreation room, which are open to all employees, for enjoying the fun of life in spare time!

2. Social responsibility:
     According to enterprise social responsibility, a company should not only create profits and be liable for shareholders, but also bear the responsibility of employees, consumers, communities and the environment . Corporate social responsibility require companies should not follow the traditional concept of making profit as the only goal, but should take responsible for shareholders and be responsible for companies contributed to or affected by corporate activities. As a non-standard parts manufacturer, since established in 2002 for over 10 years, GoodSource has always been thankful to return society, part in all kinds of social responsibility, such as in the public education, disaster relief, etc.. GoodSource fulfills enterprise duties, and builds a good example the modern enterprise.


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